Service charge management for Housing Associations

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Get rid of those spreadsheets. For a dependable system that handles service charges, rental uplifts and more, click here for your free, no obligation demonstration

Service Charge Software for Housing Associations

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Get rid of those spreadsheets and replace them with a system you can trust.
BlueBox handles service charges, rental uplifts and more.
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BlueBox for Housing Associations is software to manage complex social housing service charge arrangements, rental uplifts, the Section 20 process and more.

Integrating smoothly with your current Housing Assocation and accounting systems, BlueBox puts Trace's specialist property expertise at your disposal.

As used by

Thirteen Group use Trace's property management software

Accurate allocation and collection.
Even in complex mixed tenure situations.

It’s time to get rid of those service charge spreadsheets

It's not just the sheer, grinding effort needed to maintain them. Think instead of the financial losses they’ve inflicted on you over the years.

BlueBox from Trace Solutions removes that risk and does all the hard work for you. It creates bullet-proof income and expenditure accounts for each residential unit, and accounts fully for complex mixed tenure situations.

Alongside service charge calculations, the software also handles rental uplifts, statutory notifications and debt management.

To bring in more of the money you're owed.

And it all integrates effortlessly with your existing housing and accounts systems.

Automate all the hard work

Trace’s software gives you the confidence to automate large volumes of financial transactions. 

Its ‘management by exception’ tools, honed over many years in the private residential sector, will spot any errors before they can happen and bring them to your attention.

All key transactions are handled according to statutory requirements.



Your processes, your workflows

The BlueBox user interface is unique, designed to bring structure and order to a very complicated business.

Each user can configure personalised workspaces that contain just the data they need. Consoles enable staff to follow clear, pre-defined processes.

Need to handle tenant queries in real time, while they're on the phone? No problem: simply create a workspace.

Everything you need to make management easier

Service charge management
Control over who pays what, and what you can recharge, without the complex calculations

Automate transactions
Confidence to let the computer manage all the hard stuff for you

Generate tenant outputs
Automatically create personalised tenant outputs and export to print services

Section 20 process
Ensure that consultations are carried out according to statutory timescales

Real time budget vs cost reporting, plus over 200 standard reports

Handles all your property transactions, then integrates seamlessly with other systems

Budget setting
Import budgets then manage the approval process

Rental uplifts
Automatic portfolio-wide rent setting by tenancy type



Integrate BlueBox with existing systems

BlueBox is an open system and will integrate with your existing software landscape.

It can draw data from all the major Housing Association solutions, such as Northgate, Aareon and OPENHousing.

If you'd like to discuss integration further, please contact us.

Generate tenant outputs

BlueBox can automatically generate all of your printed tenant service charge and rent outputs. From letters and service charge statements to large booklets, all are personalised with information specific to the tenant. 

Print-ready files can then be exported to printing service providers.

Case studies

Matthew Saye, Director of Housing Operations, One Housing

‟It's a real ‘state-of-the-art’ solution, taking the best of the private sector and adding new elements unique to social housing. We can now expand, without having to worry about the consistency of our underlying systems or compliance with best practice.”

‟Our experience with Trace has been extremely fruitful and we already see the potential to extend the use of the software still further.”

Pam Moran, Head of Customer Accounts, Family Mosaic

“The service charge process touches every part of our business. By streamlining it, we're freeing up time, but more importantly, delivering a better and fairer service to our customers.”

“We’re now in control of our business.”

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