Manchester User Conference - register your interest

Where: Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester Hotel

When: Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November 2016

Please RSVP before 10th September.

To indicate which of the following presentations you wish to attend, please fill in and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Step into the future of Trace Solutions software

Our development team has been working really hard on developing new features which will transform the way you manage your properties. During this presentation they will demonstrate to you the new exciting functionalities and show you how you can benefit from them.

Topics that will be covered within this presentation are:

Online Data Capture, Approval and Maintenance
A step change is approaching in how users will interact with the product when it comes to adding or changing data.

Automated Dataload – new key aspect of data load
Forming a key part of our integration tool kit, this new feature provides another way of connecting systems seamlessly and automatically making it easier to keep systems aligned.

Web Services APIs
Our web service based APIs forms part of our Integration Tool Kit.  Written using our new C# framework, the Web Service based APIs make it easier to share data between systems.

Technical session

This is an interactive session with our Senior Innovation Team which gives you the opportunity to talk to them about future developments in more depth.

Also we have always worked very closely with our customers to develop new functionalities in our software so it meets their requirements, so if you have any suggestions for improvements or ideas for new development this would be your opportunity to share those with our team. 


It is good practice to routinely perform housekeeping tasks, because if you don’t it may have an impact on the integrity and performance of your database. Our training team will show you step by step guide to all the housekeeping routines. 

Recent updates and features

We will go through our last 2 releasesdemonstrating the key functionalities that you might have missed.

Product Q&A

This is a one-hour session that enables you to ask any product/service questions you might have to our staff.


Trace+Dwellant gives residential property managers, tenants and contractors an online communications tool that is directly linked to the property management system and accounts.

This means improved information sharing, more efficient appointing of contractors, and speedier resolution of issues related to the building.

During this presentation we will demonstrate how using Trace and Dwellant together can help your business be more efficient and improve your communication with external customers.


All Trace Solutions systems come with sophisticated workflow as standard, so this session will include live demonstration of the Workflow as well as show you how your organisation can benefit from it. 

Demonstrations of add-ons

Our account managers will be demonstrating to small groups POM and Cash Management modules.

Purchase Order Management
POM controls all stages of expenditure from order to invoice, with multiple approval levels, order tracking and comparisons against budget.

Cash Management
Cash management automates the input and processing of tenant receipts from your bank. This module can reduce a number of time consuming manual processes.

Financial reporting designer

We have developed a Financial Report Designer to enable you to design and publish P&L, Balance Sheet and Management reports.

Replacing four previous routines it leads you through the stages of designing your report (with standard starting templates available), adding notes, assigning chart codes, fine tuning the presentation and publishing the design to your colleagues.

This demonstration will show you how to design these reports with ease and how to make use of the enhanced filtering from a new Financial Reports menu. 


Please tick the boxes to indicate which of the presentations you would like to attend. 

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