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Manage your portfolio more efficiently, with more transparent reporting
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BlueBox is the integrated management and accounts package designed specifically for commercial property owners and investors.

Based on award-winning property management software used by almost all the UK’s major managing agents, BlueBox is a rock solid tool that will show you exactly how your portfolio is performing – in real time.

As used by

Our client The Co-operative uses BlueBox
Our client Ediburgh House
West Lothian Council

Store the data you need to store.
Manage the tasks you need to manage.
See how your portfolio performs.

BlueBox can structure and report on the most complex portfolios, from individual properties right up to international estates.

However large you want to grow, BlueBox will take you there.

BlueBox removes much of the day-to-day complexity of commercial property management, automating many of the processes but with a sophisticated ‘management by exception’ approach that eradicates the possibility of error. 

All your data – financial and otherwise – is collated and sorted to provide you with the insights you need: in real time, on any device, and anywhere there’s an internet connection.


The only property management software with added Mojo

Our unique new online interface, Mojo, makes BlueBox incredibly easy to use.

From data entry to reporting, Mojo is revolutionising property management one process at a time.

Watch the short video below to see what one of our clients, Claire Hutchcraft from Rapleys, thinks of Mojo.



Maximise your property revenue

With its precise control of service charges, debt management and key diary dates, BlueBox helps you optimise the return on your investment.

BlueBox holds all the data you need to make informed real time asset management decisions.

Test various 'what-if?' scenarios, for example, or forecast monthly income all the way from acquisition to disposal.


International portfolios and transactions

With full multi-currency functionality and local language options, BlueBox handles mixed portfolios across the world.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Your business processes, your workflows

The BlueBox user interface is unique, designed to bring structure and order to the complex processes of property management.

During implementation we incorporate your business processes into the interface.

Each user can configure personalised workspaces that contain just the data they need. Consoles enable staff to follow clear, pre-defined processes.

Everything you need, in one comprehensive package

Property management
Manage tenant exits, asset marketing, sales and disposals; attach condition surveys, meter readings, etc to units as required

Lease management
Automatic alerts for key diary dates such as lease expiries and rent reviews

Transaction handling
Automate financial transactions such as invoicing with email delivery, with a management by exception approach to escalation

Integrated accounts ledgers with budgeting. Front to back service charge management, P&L, balance sheet and cashflow

Asset management
Store all the information to need for effective decisions

Reporting & KPIs
Over 200 standard reports, dashboards, KPIs & full customisation


Integrate BlueBox with all your other corporate tools

BlueBox is focused on property, and the specialist procedures and regulations that apply only to property. 

That way we help you stay ahead of the game.

But from its inception, BlueBox was designed to integrate with all the other tools of your trade.

Valuation, corporate accounts and many other system connect seamlessly.

We also adhere strictly to the international property standard OSCRE, which we helped to design.


Case studies

Rob Moore, Financial Controller, The Co-operative

‟We use it strategically as a building block for our future. Everyone can access the system and make use of it at the click of a button.”

‟If you make software easier to use, then it gets used, by a wider group of people. They see the benefits and it becomes the fount of all knowledge.”

Mark Mason, Property Manager, Habro Fund Managers

“Dealing with tenants, acting as VAT agents, reporting back to fund managers – all these are now relatively simple routine tasks."

“BlueBox is helping us grow the business too. We can double in size without missing a beat.”

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