Want to grow? With our software, suddenly your team seems bigger

Want to grow? With our software, suddenly your team seems bigger

Block management software

TRAMPS for residential block management

No property management system offers a greater array of sophisticated tools for intelligent automation. From receipt matching to service charges, TRAMPS helps you handle more transactions, more rapidly and with greater confidence than ever before.


Benefits for block managers

Automatic cash management

Handle volume transactions with ease, with >90% automatic receipt matching

Handles complex VAT

Mixed residential/commercial? No problem

Automated reporting

Sends debt reports and board papers when needed

Resident portal

Communicate with tenants and contractors and automate more small works management

Instant visibility of your property data

The most modern UI in property management

Service charge management

Intelligent automation ensures accuracy

Core functionality

Property management

Manage tenant exits, asset marketing, sales and disposals

Resident portal

Keeps all residents informed and happy regarding maintenance and management issues

Service charge management

Ensures all costs are correctly attributed and maximises their recovery from tenants


Purpose-built accounts for property management

Lease management

Stores all key data and ensures you never miss a key diary date

Automate transactions

Run multiple transactions with minimal effort

Tools & features

Cash management

Intelligent automation matches bank receipts to invoices and improves with use

Easy-to-use interface

Access all the information you need at the click of a mouse

Process consoles

Makes training easy: staff just have to click the buttons

Case studies

Clear Building Management combines front-end transparency with robust accounting

“Residents have called it a breath of fresh air. They trust the financial information they receive, and they love the ability to report and manage issues online when it suits them.”

On the accounting side, building directors also love it, because of the reporting. “A report only has to be set up once, then scheduled. And information is at their fingertips whenever they need it."
Ian Hollins, Director, Clear Building Management