Webinar: Segregation of Funds

Please join us at our latest webinar to learn about some of the new features in our recent 5.90.00 release. 

Key feature Segregation of Funds will help you comply with the new RICS professional statement on the handling of client money. It permits a more granular approach to funds testing when paying service charge creditor invoices, and ensures that funds received for one schedule are not used to pay invoices processed through a different one.

We'll also be introducing you to some of our other new features, including the service charge apportionment matrix and drop down fields in Screen Designer.

There are some exciting Mojo things to see too. We'll be giving you a sneak preview of our forthcoming Mojo Supplier App and providing more details on Mojo Invoice Approval.

Complete the form below if you'd like to attend and we'll send you further details of how to join the event in due course.