We're putting the Mojo back into property management


We're putting the Mojo back into property management


What is Mojo?

Mojo is our secure Cloud-based platform for web apps. It is an integral part of all our software packages.

Each Mojo web app takes a single property management process, and reinvents it - always making it faster, simpler, better for the end user.

There are Mojo apps for data management, enquiries, activity lists and approvals – and more are being added all the time. 

Each Mojo app works out of the box. But it is also easily configured, whether you want to create a personalised dashboard, follow your company processes, or simplify a form.

And you can access your Mojo apps any time, anywhere, on any device that is internet-enabled.

Why do you need Mojo?

Property managers have always valued our software for its power and reliability. Trace software can handle the most complex of property-related tasks.

But trained expert users were generally required if an organisation wanted to take full advantage of that power.

Mojo, on the other hand, allows the non-expert user to access the software and its core database – and perform the tasks they need to do, effortlessly.

Using activity lists, Mojo even allows you to build workflows within your organisation, with tasks passing from one individual to another, according to your business process.

Watch the video below to see the delighted reaction of one of our users.

Who can use Mojo?

Anyone can use Mojo. It’s a superb tool for all sorts of people within your organisation – and even for people outside it, like suppliers, and clients, and tenants.

Surveyors, for example, can use Mojo to mobilise leases or amend other property data, sending the forms around an approval chain (see the video below).

If you have clients or investors, you can share carefully configured portfolio information with them, using a Mojo app that is branded with your own corporate image.

And senior managers can view a real-time interactive report on their business, drilling down as necessary.

Mojo apps for suppliers and tenants are also in the pipeline

What makes Mojo special?

Because each Mojo app takes on just one process, we are able to optimise how that process works for the benefit of the user.

This digital transformation of property management results in software that the user actually enjoys using – because it makes his or her life so much easier.

Take just one example of what such optimisation can achieve, in the field of data entry. Data is stored as draft, passed automatically around an approval chain, and only posted to the live database when fully approved. Full audit trails, with commentary and supporting evidence, are stored alongside. Unnecessary fields can be removed, and new ones added, or made mandatory if required. And so on, and so forth.

In moving to the Cloud, many developers of property management software have merely reproduced their desktop systems online – in all their complexity. Others have created new online systems from the ground up, that lack the necessary functionality for a large organisation.

Mojo is unique. It makes full use of the power of the internet, and the latest technologies.

But it does so without compromising the enterprise-grade power of our core systems.

How will Mojo benefit me?

  • More accurate data with full audit trail

  • More confidence in automated processes

  • Workflows to match your business processes

  • Allow more users to interact with core systems – safely

  • Real time interactive reports and enquiries

  • Better management of suppliers, tenants, clients & investors

  • Your chance to influence the iterative development of future Mojo apps

Mojo for your clients and investors

Clients react to the launch

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