Putting the mojo back into property management

Putting the mojo back into property management

Enterprise level property management is a complicated business.

Often, only trained specialists can work their way through all the processes and use the software.

Mojo changes all that.

A true digital transformation of property management, Mojo takes each process and makes it simpler, faster, better.

Each user gets the screens they need to do their job, at the precise moment the job needs doing.

Mojo will revolutionise the way you work

While others have simply replicated their desktop systems online, Mojo is a truly radical rethink of property management software, and the opportunities presented by a Cloud-based system.

Three years in the making, it is already having a profound effect on the way larger organisations conduct their processes.

Mojo changes everything.

Anyone can use Mojo

Whether you’re a surveyor on site, updating tenant records; a solicitor mobilising a lease; or a manager who needs to give approval – Mojo will get your property management moving.

And with our new low cost “mini” licences, you can afford to spread it across a far larger number of users, both within your organisation and beyond.

Still the industry’s most reliable software

Ask anyone in property management why they use Trace, and it won’t be long before the word ‘reliability’ is mentioned.

Trace property management software remains the rock on which a thousand different organisations have been built, over the past 40 years and more.

Mojo is very possibly the most promising re-invention of property management in the whole of that time.

But without the power and solidity provided by the underlying Trace systems, it would be an empty promise.

New! Mojo for your clients and investors

Clients react to the launch: video