Handles all your service charge calculations

Bring precision and rigour to your service charges. Once set up, BlueBox effortlessly handles all the complex calculations that control who pays what, and what can be recharged.

Gives you confidence and control

BlueBox gives you the confidence to let the computer manage all the hard stuff for you, with sophisticated management reporting, full audit trails and the transparency your customers demand.

Automatically generates tenant outputs

BlueBox effortlessly generates personalised tenant outputs. These can be exported directly to external print services, allowing you to send all your customers detailed breakdowns of what they’re paying for and why.

Facilitates budget setting

Import your service charge budgets into BlueBox and then manage the approval process. The system automatically compares budgets against actuals every year.

Helps manage customer queries

Customer engagement teams can quickly locate the unit-level information they need to answer customer enquiries about their service charge bills, instantly.

Provides data security and full audit trails

BlueBox is a secure system that safely stores all your service charge data, as well as managing it. Full audit trails are provided so any input errors can be quickly tracked down and corrected.

Ends manual data input

Staff who in the past may have spent endless hours entering data into spreadsheets are freed by BlueBox to do more important work. Manual tasks can’t scale, so if your housing association is growing, you need a system like BlueBox to allow you to take on more customers without having to increase your team.

Provides all necessary management reporting

BlueBox offers over 200 standard reports which cover the majority of requirements, but a report writer means that additional bespoke reports are easy to generate. At any point you can compare budgets versus actual expenditure in real time.

Provides sophisticated service charge accounting

BlueBox contains full general ledger accounting. Most housing associations use the system to handle all service charge transactions, automatically feeding summary data back and forth to corporate accounts systems (such as Oracle) on a daily basis

What else can BlueBox do?

Alongside the management of service charges, BlueBox can also be used to automate rental uplifts, the section 20 process, and more.

It can ensure that all Section 20 consultations are carried out according to statutory timescales, sending the necessary correspondence automatically.

And it can also set rents across your portfolio, with the uplift determined by tenancy type.

"Marvellous. Absolutely marvellous!"

Claire Vasey, Thirteen Group

"A huge help"

Roisin Vallely, Together Housing

"So much better"

Martin Watson, PA Housing

"Makes a massive difference"

Rob Thompson, Thirteen Group
Importance of service charges

Why you need BlueBox

Why are service charges so important to housing associations?

And why are spreadsheets such a problem?

In a wide ranging series of video interviews, we discussed these issues with some of our clients.


In this video, some of our clients discuss their experience of implementing the BlueBox service charge system, and the lessons they learnt.

We provide full training for the product as well as ongoing support, and give advice on the best way to set up your system during the implementation process.

We’ve also produced a free guide to implementation, written by independent industry expert Dan Oehlman. You can download it here.

If you’d like to know more about BlueBox for Housing Associations, please call us on +44 (0)20 7825 1299, email us at, or use the contact form below.

We can provide demonstrations online or in person, at your convenience, and can introduce you to reference sites if you prefer to talk directly to other housing associations.


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