Power features for power users

Power Users

Intelligent automation
Schedule and automate tenant transactions, receipt matching, section 20 processes and the identification of problem debtors.

Management by exception
Our MBE systems give you the confidence to trust automated outputs.

Service charge management
Complete management of complex service charge structures including budgeting, RICS funds testing and apportionment.

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Technical information

Configurable user interface
Power users can configure workspaces to bring together all the tools and screens they need. Includes live updates, process consoles, KPIs, messages and more.

Integration platform
Trace software offers standard interfaces (APIs) to communicate with other best of breed applications without expensive bespoke work. These include KEL valuation software, Dwellant, SAP, Landscape and various corporate accounts systems.

We support cross-border portfolios with full multi-currency functionality. Our software is currently used in 14 countries worldwide.

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