Our implementation team will load your system with clean, accurate data using the specialist tools at our disposal.

We’ll also get to know your business processes and make sure the system is configured to match them.

A dedicated project manager will lead the implementation. For larger companies, we can offer a PRINCE2 service, to keep disruption to a minimum.


We have a packaged approach to software, in which we sell the same codebase to every customer. This makes implementation much easier than other enterprise-grade solutions.

It’s more a matter of switching off the functionality you don’t need, rather than bolting together lots of modules that you do.



We’re well known in the industry for the quality of our training, offering structured sessions during implementation and desk-side assistance if required.

Even after implementation, you can access our training department at any time. Many companies use our annual training pass which gives access to an unlimited number of training sessions for a fixed fee.

Much of our training is aimed at the expert users within your organisation. But we also provide online training videos for some apps on the Mojo platform.



You won’t be connected to India or the United States when you call our Helpdesk.

We have real people waiting in our offices to take your call during the working day.

They talk your language, too: the language of property. That’s because our helpdesk staff are all from the property industry, combining that experience with an exhaustive knowledge of the software.

They’ll stay with you until they’ve solved your problem.

We don’t think we’re bragging when we say we offer the best Helpdesk in the industry.

And it’s all free of charge, under the Annual Maintenance Plan that comes with all our systems.



The annual maintenance plan also covers routine software upgrades, which include new features, bug fixes and regulatory changes.

We issue two full releases a year, with occasional point updates. Another benefit of our single codebase, packaged approach to software’s that upgrades don’t disrupt your business in any way.

That’s not something any other enterprise-level supplier can claim.



Trace Solutions has been in the property business longer than any other software company.

We know the business. We know how to make it more efficient and more profitable.

Many customers have benefitted from our consultancy services, which can help streamline your processes or take full advantage of Mojo, our latest groundbreaking software.

Take a look at case studies from Town & City and Travis Perkins to see the difference a few days’ consultancy could make.

Account management

All customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, who is your first point of contact.

Their role is to represent your interests within Trace Solutions.

The account manager will keep you informed about the latest updates and raise your issues whenever future development is discussed.

The account management team also organises regular breakfast briefings, and touring user forums, to demonstrate new features and benefits.

These events are a great opportunity to meet other users and compare notes about how the system should evolve in the future.

The future

The future

As a customer, you have a direct influence over the future direction of our software. We make it a point to get to know your business and the issues you face. We’ll ask for your opinions. We’ll seek your advice.

Because real innovation isn’t about making new toys. It’s about launching new products based on the needs and wants of real people.

Our roadmap – particularly the design of future Mojo apps – is based squarely on what will make your business work better.

And that means making your users happier and more productive than ever before.

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