Mojo is the Cloud-based interface that makes our powerful property management software so easy to use.


Unlike other property management solutions, we haven’t just reproduced our desktop system online.

Instead, Mojo gives you a collection of online tools designed to optimise individual business processes, so that users can perform their tasks effortlessly.

Mojo tools communicate seamlessly with your central database and with the other participants in those business processes.

By putting the right Mojo tool in front of the right person at the right time, everyone in your company can work faster, simpler, better.

In an era where remote working has become commonplace, Mojo significantly increases your team’s productivity.

Mojo is a highly focused, highly configurable way to achieve the total digital transformation of your business.

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How does mojo benefit me?

  • Accurate, approved data
  • The confidence to automate
  • Interactive real time reports & enquiries
  • Simplified forms, with no unnecessary fields
  • Comprehensive audit trails, with notes & supporting evidence
  • Automatically puts the right app in front of the right person at the right time
  • Allows the person closest to the data to actually enter the data
  • Allows suppliers, tenants, clients & investors to self serve
  • Has the potential to revolutionise business processes

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Mojo Apps

Mojo Apps

Mojo Smart Forms

Mojo Smart Forms are designed to ensure that all of your data is 100% accurate, all of the time. They do this by simplifying and refining data entry and data management, until the process is absolutely bullet-proof.

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Mojo Activity List

The Activity List lies at the heart of the Mojo system, helping your staff to comply fully with your organisation’s workflows and business processes.

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Mojo Forms Designer

Mojo Forms Designer is a way to create new forms to perfectly match your organisation’s unique business processes.

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Mojo for Tenants

Mojo for Tenants is a fully mobile web app that that sets up a two-way communication channel with your leaseholders and occupiers.

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Mojo for Clients & Investors

Too many calls from clients asking questions about their portfolios? With this app, they can self-serve their own enquiries.

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Mojo Enquiries & Dashboards

Personalised, configurable dashboards, built from a large set of data presentation tools, or ‘widgets’, that shine a real-time light into the financial and property information stored in your database.

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Mojo Approvals

Mojo Approvals is a particularly powerful tool that will significantly improve workflow through your organisation.

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Mojo Purchase to Pay

Mojo Purchase-to-Pay brings the ‘faster, simpler, better’ approach to the entire purchase process.

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Mojo for Suppliers

Now suppliers can enter their own invoices, monitor the progress of payments, and store important documentation.

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Mojo Task Management

Tasks like rent reviews and lease assignments also now benefit from the magic of Mojo.

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