In 2017 we added Mojo to all our property management software: an eco-system of small, smart web apps that gives ordinary users extraordinary access to our big, enterprise level systems.


Using the latest internet technologies and an iterative development process, Cloud-based Mojo is the very essence of digital transformation – a toolkit you can use to engage your users and modernise your business.

Each Mojo app addresses a single process, so we can optimise how that process works. In this way Mojo revolutionises property management at every level.

Our goal is to make each process faster, simpler and better for the end user.

We want people to enjoy using Mojo apps – to prefer them over any other way of doing the task, whether that be paper and pencil, spreadsheet, or the desktop system.

And we’re releasing new Mojo apps all the time.

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How does mojo benefit me?

  • Accurate, approved data
  • The confidence to automate
  • Interactive real time reports & enquiries
  • Simplified forms, with no unnecessary fields
  • Comprehensive audit trails, with notes & supporting evidence
  • Automatically puts the right app in front of the right person at the right time
  • Allows the person closest to the data to actually enter the data
  • Allows suppliers, tenants, clients & investors to self serve
  • Has the potential to revolutionise business processes

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Mojo Apps

The Mojo Apps - so far

Mojo Smart Forms

So much of property management is about maintaining accurate data in your system. Here’s how to make all of that data management simple, secure and as accurate as possible.

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Mojo Approvals

With Mojo, data entry can follow your existing approval processes precisely.

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Mojo for Clients & Investors

Too many calls from clients asking questions about their portfolios? With this app, they can self-serve their own enquiries.

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Mojo for Tenants

Coming soon: a configurable dashboard to improve how you deal with your tenants.

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Mojo Task Management

Tasks like rent reviews and lease assignments also now benefit from the magic of Mojo.

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Mojo Enquiries & Dashboards

Mojo gives you personalised, configurable dashboards, built from a growing list of enquiry widgets.

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Mojo for Suppliers

Now suppliers can enter their own invoices, monitor the progress of payments, and upload important documentation.

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Mojo Forms Designer

Our systems already support over 16,000 separate data fields but there’s always a need for more!

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Mojo Smart Invoice Approval

With this app, the elusive paperless office comes a step closer to reality.

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Mojo Activity List

Every Mojo user has an activity list, from which they can initiate tasks or respond to the requests of others.

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