the mojo way 
to talk to your clients 
​and investors 

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the mojo way
to talk to your
clients and investors

see mojo for yourself

Your click implies consent to contact you

These new Mojo apps are beautiful online dashboards that display all the information you want to share with your clients.

They do it via a range of sophisticated smart widgets that you can easily configure yourselves. 

In this way Mojo now empowers your client: he or she can drill down through the information to answer their own questions interactively. 

Best of all, the dashboard is custom-designed to match your own organisation’s corporate branding.

Why you need the new Mojo web apps 

The Mojo concept is unique: an ever-growing family of easy-to-use web apps.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that it means the data being used by your property management software are always perfect.

And Mojo’s philosophy of ‘perfect data in’ leads inevitably to ‘perfect data out’.

The new Mojo web apps give you the confidence to allow clients and investors to interrogate the data on your systems – and to let them do so interactively.

There’s no better way to demonstrate to your clients that you’re in total control of their business. Or that you provide a slicker and more professional service than your competitors.
Mojo gives you a genuine competitive advantage.


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Information displayed beautifully, in real time 

Our widgets are clean, clear and easy to understand. They draw live information directly from your property management system, so what the client sees is always up to date. And they can be viewed on any device, as long as it’s connected to the internet. 


A professional face for your company 

We style the dashboards in your own corporate image, so it looks just like you built them. It’s a great way to remind your clients of your brand, while simultaneously demonstrating your effectiveness.


Empower your clients and investors 

Clients and investors always want to know more about their portfolios. Now they can interrogate the data at will, drilling down through the widgets whenever they want.


You’re in control 

You configure the web apps so they show only what you want your clients and investors to see. We’ve made it easy to choose the widgets you display, the portfolios that are included, and so on. 


Total security 

These days we hear constantly about data being compromised, but that’s something no agent or investor dare permit to happen. That’s why mojo has been built from the outset with total security in mind. 


Effortless upgrades 

There’s no need to re-configure your dashboards when the software is updated. All existing settings are retained. 


Deliver important documents 

Sharing important documents and reports has never been easier, thanks to an integrated document centre.

Licensed for as many users as you want 

The last thing you want is for users to be unable to access the apps. So we place no restrictions on the number of client or investor users. 

Instead, the purchase price is based on your likely use of the product. The price includes a standard pack of widgets as well as the work to customise the apps with your own branding. 

And unlike some products we could mention, there are no additional third party licence costs.

What’s in the standard widget pack?

Portfolio OverviewDebt Analysis
Client DiaryProperty Diary
Lease DiaryUnit Diary
Contact WidgetTenancy Schedule
Cash BalancesProperty Pictures
Document CentreClient Summary List
Estate Summary ListProperty Summary List
Unit Summary ListLease Summary List
Head Lease Summary ListVacant Summary List

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Call us now on +44 (0)20 7825 1299 or if you’re already a client, talk to your account manager.