19th May 2016

Aiding the expansion of a logistics company

In recent years, the expansion of logistics company Wincanton across Europe led to increasing demands on their property management systems.

It became clear that a new solution was required, but only one piece of property management software could meet all their needs: o6ix.


o6ix now manages their huge network of warehousing and storage facilities. It controls rent payments, lease obligations and scheduled maintenance – as well as coping effortlessly with multicurrency transactions.

Says Property Administrator Ziv Mashasha, “o6ix integrates beautifully with our existing accounts and calendaring packages and lets managers interrogate the system remotely through the Internet. It’s a truly powerful solution, and the more we get to know and use its features, the more we’re optimising our property usage across Europe.”

"It's a truly powerful solution"

Ziv Mashasha, Property Administrator

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