19th March 2024

Cluttons loves Mojo Approvals

In today’s rapidly evolving real estate industry, efficient data management and streamlined workflows are paramount for success.

Leading managing agent Cluttons stands at the forefront of innovation, continually seeking tools to enhance their operations and elevate their service delivery.

One such transformative solution is Mojo Approvals, a dynamic platform designed to revolutionise how property management workflows are handled.

In an enlightening video interview, Ade Ajuwon, Business Systems Analyst at Cluttons, shares his firsthand experience with Mojo Approvals.

Ade sheds light on the tangible benefits and practical applications of this cutting-edge tool within Cluttons’ operations.

Mojo Approvals isn’t simply about data entry; it’s about the quality of data. And high quality data is the bedrock of all property management.

Watch the full one minute video above.

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"It's a really good tool to find solutions to problems. The benefits are limitless"

Ade Ajuwon, Business Systems Analyst, Cluttons

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