7th December 2023

The Benefits of a Specialist Service Charge Accounting Tool

Property manager enjoying the benefits of a specialist service charge accounting tool within property management software.

Keeping track of service charges can be a daunting task. With so many responsibilities for property managers to face, it is paramount to ensure accuracy and compliance in your service charge accounting.

From building your knowledge of what service charge accounting actually is, to showing you how to solve some of the issues you may be facing, we cover it here.

Understanding Service Charge Accounting

Service charge accounting is essential in the property sector, focused on managing the costs related to the upkeep and services of tenanted buildings. These costs can include maintenance, insurance, and communal area expenses, which are shared among the tenants (both commercial and residential) according to their lease agreements.

The process involves accurately allocating these service charges to ensure that each tenant pays their fair share, based on the services they receive. This requires detailed record-keeping and transparent reporting to ensure all parties are informed about how the charges are calculated and applied.

To effectively conduct your service charge accounting, you need to consider:

  • Regulatory Requirements: For residential property, it is crucial to comply with standards for fairness, transparency, and accuracy. Compliance with guidelines from authoritative bodies like the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) maintains trust between landlords, tenants, and managing agents.
  • Effective Management Tools: You need to use tools that facilitate accurate service charge allocation and reporting. These are essential for maintaining compliance with industry standards, providing full transparency, and simplifying the accounting process for all parties involved. Specialist property management software with built-in accounting for service charges is strongly recommended.

Making Service Charge Accounting Easy

Being effective in property management requires a keen eye for detail. Our service charge accounting tool empowers you to navigate easily through large amounts of service charge information for any building. You can monitor live, real-time data with intuitive table views and powerful chart visualisations. Whether you’re overseeing one property or many, staying informed has never been this straightforward.

Budget Management and Error Detection

Overseeing budgets and identifying discrepancies is a breeze with our property management and accounting software. It clearly highlights any items that exceed budget expectations and flags potential mis-postings. Switch effortlessly between a comprehensive view of a property’s service charge expenditure and the detailed items that constitute those figures. Built-in visual cues alert you when budgets are running low or when errors arise, to ensure that you never miss critical information.

Flexibility for Your Service Charge Accounting

Our service charge tool is designed to adapt to your needs. View your figures annually, periodically, or both, displaying budgets, actuals, and variances side by side. Organise expense codes by schedule, or utilise cost classes and codes which conform to RICS standards. The flexibility and customisability of our tool means your service charge accounting can be as detailed and specific as your operations require.

Enhanced Collaboration

Transparency and accountability are necessary for successful property management. The service charge tool is accessible to your entire team, facilitating the sharing of notes for expense items across charts and invoice lists. This feature ensures a fully audited history, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Start Using a Specialist Service Charge Accounting Tool

We pride ourselves on having a property management system that really does make your service charge accounting easier. Our specialist software is perfect for managing your service charges.

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