7th June 2019

Trace Solutions Becomes RICS Tech Affiliate

Trace Solutions are thrilled to announce that the company has joined the RICS Tech Affiliate Programme.

Kevin Grice, Director of Innovation & Engineering at Trace Solutions, commented: “we’re extremely happy to be able to support this RICS initiative and are very much looking forward to being an active member of the programme. We’ve been providing solutions to our industry for over 44 year, so we understand more than most the challenges of technology adoption in our sector.”

Louise Weale, Licensing Manager & Tech Affiliate Programme Lead at RICS added: “We’re delighted to welcome Trace Solutions to the Tech Affiliate Programme.”

“Participation in the TAP demonstrates a commitment to the promotion of professionals standards and to playing a role in developing the wider industry as technology becomes increasingly important.”

Kevin Grice added “In my view, clear business benefits are key to the successful adoption of any new technology. We’ve already been influencing the market with our Professional Practice and Compliance function, and it’s why we’ve been so successful with Mojo, our latest generation of software, which takes advantage the most up-to-date web technologies.”

Each company that signs up to the TAP commits to the promotion of the RICS standards and best practice where appropriate.

You can find out more about the Programme here and here.

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