Trace staff are hugely knowledgable and experienced in property management. 
That puts a great resource at your disposal – one that can provide invaluable support throughout your organisation.

Relationship management
Maintenance plans

Our consultants have a simple aim: to help make your business more efficient and more profitable.

Once they fully understand your existing processes, they can bring a wealth of property and estate management experience to bear on your own systems. 

They’ll help streamline processes and most importantly, show you how to make full use of your Trace software – particularly in areas that could be automated.

The results can be genuinely dramatic. Take a look at the case studies from Town & City and Travis Perkins to see how much difference a few days' consultancy can make.

Data Migration

Load your system with the cleanest, most accurate data

Accurate, well-managed data is often the key to property management. But it’s easier said than done.

That’s why Trace have introduced their new range of data migration services.

For new clients, transferring data from another system, it can make a huge difference – leading to years of trouble-free property management.

For existing clients, it's an ideal way to merge new property data whenever they acquire additional portfolios.

There are many other possible benefits, too, from archiving old records to streamlining your data structure.

We can help you get cleaner, better data into your system in many ways. Just check out the tables below.

Volume Import

ServiceCustomerBusiness FunctionBusiness Benefit
Portfolio recordsNew/ existingImporting Core 'Static' Portfolio data to your databaseTo populate a database in a way that is:
  • Cost effective - reducing the cost in time and effort of entering sizeable data sets manually
  • Accurate - reduce the risk of human error
  • Considered - Data will be checked by experienced staff and any adjustments reported
Opening balancesNew/ existingImporting opening Debtor, Cash & Service Charge balances or transactions

To transfer the financial position of a portfolio onto the system, enabling:

  • Reconciliation of the system to the ancestor system or reported position
  • Smooth and timely transfer of operations to the new system
  • Reporting to commence from the new system
Additional RecordsNew/ existingImporting Added Value data into your database (e.g. measurements)Data held on other mediums such as spreadsheets, etc. may be better incorporated into the system. We can import these records quickly and accurately.
System RecordsNewImporting system maintenance tablesMakes set-up faster and easier for larger databases

Data Management

ServiceCustomerBusiness FunctionBusiness Benefit
Database ShrinkingExistingCreation of an Archive database followed by removal of historic clients & their transactions in the live database
  • Produces a streamlined live database containing only current clients’ data.
  • Reduces live database size and increases performance.
  • Provides a record of historic clients by the creation of an archive database
Record Re-ReferencingExistingAssigning new references to existing records within a database
  • Enables you to re-organize or tidy your reference structure for most existing entities within your database
  • Can be used to align multiple databases prior to database merging
Record MergingExistingMerging two or more sets of existing records into one within a database
  • Enables you to rationalise your database by merging sets of duplicate records (e.g. creditors)
  • Can be used to align multiple databases prior to database merging
Database MergingExistingMerging two or more databases into one
  • To eliminate duplication of work in multiple databases.
  • To produce a single source of data for reporting and enquiring.


ServiceCustomerBusiness FunctionBusiness Benefit
Non-Standard dataNew/ existingBespoke SQL to add records that cannot currently be loaded by the standard importTo facilitate the loading of types of data specific to your company (including population of screens set up using screen designer)
Data CleansingNew/ existingTidying Addresses and contact details prior to loadingTo improve the quality of the data being transferred from other sources
Data ModificationExistingBespoke SQL to update or populate specific fields en-mass within the databaseTo store newly acquired pieces of data about existing records. To help implement changes to the way you use the database (e.g. population of email addresses in a list of debtor records to enable emailing of demands)
Dataload TrainingSDL UsersTraining users to use the Structured Data Load facilityFor users who have purchased Structured Dataload  – Training to help get the most from this powerful tool
DMM Training & ConsultancyDMM UsersTraining users to use Data ManagementFor users who have purchased Data Management  – Training to help get the most from this powerful tool


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For more information, contact your Account Manager - or call our sales team.


Deskside assistance

A 'handholding' service to get you up and running

All installations now benefit from our Deskside Assistance approach to implementation.

We focus on what you actually need to go live, smoothly and efficiently, and then provide that help through a mixture of training, consultancy and hands on assistance. 

Often this takes place at the users’ own desks.

Deskside Assistance gets you through the hardest part of any new installation, the beginning – when everything is unfamiliar and many tasks seem insurmountable.

By the time we’re done, all users should be operating the system with confidence. 

Deskside Assistance can make installation fast, too, if that’s what you’re after. We recently broke all previous records for an installation, getting a client up and running in only three days. 

However, that’s not necessarily what we’d recommend. Why not make training part of your organisation’s longer term routine? With an Annual Training Pass you’ll be able to use your new system to its maximum advantage.

Good project management is critical to the successful implementation of your software.

Every client is assigned a project manager who will plan the sequence of activities and keep all parties focused on achieving the business case for the implementation. 

Detailed project and stage plans are drawn up at the outset.

For smaller companies, our minimum fixed-fee project co-ordination service may be all they need.

We'll find out what your business needs and put together a system that meets those needs. We'll set it all up to work seamlessly and then give you all the support you need to keep it running efficiently. And if your needs grow or change, then we'll make sure your system adapts accordingly.

PRINCE 2 service

For larger implementations, PRINCE2 project management is available.

A PRINCE 2 Project Manager will ensure that those involved in the project achieve all its objectives within the agreed and documented performance targets for time, cost, quality scope benefits and risks.

We aim to balance two parallel, yet competing, imperatives:

  • to maintain current business operations at the requisite level of profitability, service quality, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, productivity and market confidence. Or as we term it, keeping “Business as usual”
  • to transform your business operations so that you can compete even more successfully in the future, looking forward and deciding how business change can be introduce to best effect

Account management

Your account manager is your voice within Trace

Once implementation is complete, every client is assigned their own Account Manager. They act as your voice within Trace Solutions; your advocate. 

They’ll maintain regular contact with you and ensure that the system is meeting expectations, and keep you informed about the latest innovations in each new release

They also act on your behalf to raise any development issues you may have, and help you influence our future enhancements.

Your Account Manager is your central point of contact for all issues related to training, documentation and software upgrades.

The Helpdesk

With a deep knowledge of the software and the industry, our support staff are always on hand to offer advice

We're very proud of the fantastic reputation that the Trace Solutions Helpdesk has in our industry.

Staff are available to answer your support calls throughout the working day, simply by calling +44 (0)20 7825 1234, or email help@tracesolutions.co.uk

Every member of the team has a thorough knowledge of the software and the property industry, and will be able to resolve most problems very quickly.

You can also raise support tickets online and monitor their progress through to resolution, by clicking on the helpdesk icon below.

User Forums

Have your problems addressed or suggestions heard

We've always had a highly active community of users, and a reputation for customer care that's second to none.

But for some time, we've felt that our user conferences were becoming too large and impersonal.

Their very scale prevented individuals from getting problems addressed, or suggestions heard. Too much of the content was targeted at senior management rather than those who actually used the software every day.

So now, to serve you better, we've introduced the User Forum.

These forums are smaller, more frequent and more widely distributed across the country. Those invited are the day to day users of the software rather than their managers. And the meetings focus on our innovations in a practical context, to show how they can improve your working life.

You also have a much greater opportunity to talk directly to the people who are guiding the software's future development.

Now your voice gets heard.

All systems are sold with an annual Maintenance Plan included, that gives you full access to our telephone Helpdesk and routine software upgrades.

All users also get a login to this website, where they can access extensive documentation, and use our online Helpdesk ticketing system.

You'll also benefit from invitations to User Forums and regular breakfast briefing events, where we discuss how new features benefit you.