Property management on any significant scale involves the organisation and manipulation of huge amounts of information.

Masses of financial data has to be assigned correctly, people in different roles have to complete thousands of daily tasks, and multiple reports must be produced and shared.

Our interface helps you to do that with minimum effort.

Your own perfect workspace

Workspaces collect together all the tools and information you need to do your job. You can create and save any number of workspaces, each accessible with a single click.

For example, you might have a workspace to view and chase particularly aged debtors. Or another to display high level management data that needs to be checked each morning. They can be as simple or as complex as you want, but we aim to set up individual workspaces for your different staff during implementation.

Updating in real time as you interrogate the system, you can include routines, data windows, consoles and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can even add windows from third party applications, including systems integrated via web services. So external valuation tools, portals or FM services suddenly become part of your every day property management experience – something that no purely web-based software can offer.

Message Centre

Keep up to date with property tasks while you get on with other business.

The Message Centre runs in a discreet window which can float on your desktop. It warns you, proactively, of any property management tasks you need to complete, such as invoice approvals.It also delivers any reports you have scheduled and lets you know when automated processes have been carried out. The Message Centre is also great for teams, as it integrates with established workflows to ensure that everything gets done on time in the right order.

Process Consoles

Create and share simple process maps.

If your job involves a series of routine tasks, carried out in a particular order, consoles simplify the process. In effect, they create flow charts of actions – with buttons that actually initiate processes and routines. Used in conjunction with our Workflow tools, consoles can be used to map business processes and encourage widespread automation.

Like workspaces, consoles are easy to build, save and share with other users. They are often create during implementation or training.

  • link console buttons to external or integrated applications, files or web links
  • include non-active buttons to remind yourself to complete a task
  • add decision forks to structure more complicated processes


Business performance at a glance.

Key information can be displayed in workspaces graphically, to help spot important trends. We add new key performance indicators to the system with every release, drawing their data from our automated reports.

drill down to different timescales
inspect the underlying data
export directly from the graph to Excel
save your KPIs within workspaces, or access them instantly through consoles

The navigation pane
Everything where you need it

The navigation pane is where you store workspaces, consoles, single routines, KPIs, so you can access any of them in an instant. You simply drag and drop information onto the pane to store, or edit it manually, organising items in nested folders. A powerful search facility instantly locates any items you may have misplaced.

Trace mobile
Mobile access to the property management system is increasingly important, increasing accuracy and efficiency for those who often work off-site, such as surveyors.

We can provide full mobile access to our systems, whether SaaS and server-based, via Citrix and/or web services.