What use is the world’s most powerful property management system, if the data you feed it is cr*p?

With Mojo, you now have the tools to make dodgy data almost entirely a thing of the past.

Out of the box we provide almost 70 Mojo Smart Forms, each of which brings together all the fields required to perform particular data entry and data maintenance tasks.

Each form can be easily edited to hide unnecessary fields, renamed, or rearranged. You can make fields mandatory; set defaults; provide drop down lists; add tool tips; and pull up live lookups from the database.


“The approval module on Mojo was a godsend during Covid remote working”

Tom Bellis, FD, Langtree

With Mojo Forms Designer, you can even create entirely new forms altogether.

Full audit trails, with commentary and supporting evidence, show not only when something was changed but also why. All raw data is segregated from the live database until it’s ready to be submitted.

With Mojo Approvals you can also add up to five levels of approval, allowing others to check, amend, ask questions, add notes or sign off on information before it’s passed up to the next in the chain.

“It’s not just about entering information into the system - it’s about the quality of data”

Ade Ajuwon, Cluttons

Backed by configurable email notifications, it enhances multiple processes, including invoice approval, data management and specific business tasks.

The system records timings for each approval step, allowing you to monitor productivity KPIs; and when approving invoices you can also assign value bands to determine the level of approval needed for a particular sum.

Whether you’re mobilising a complex lease, or merely changing the status of a debtor, Mojo makes the task as simple, focused, and as relevant as possible to the end user.

"What I absolutely love about Mojo is the traceability of the process"

Steve Perriton, MRICS Partner, Bulleys

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