10th January 2024

5 Reasons our Mojo Apps Create the Best Software for Property Managers

Two business people using the best software for property managers

Mojo is the umbrella term for our ever-growing collection of web apps, each of which handles a specific piece of functionality. What this means is that by using Mojo apps, you gain all the functionality of enterprise-grade property management software, but with much greater ease of use.

This allows property managers to work more efficiently, since at any one time they only have in front of them the Mojo apps that deal with the business processes they are working on.

Here are 5 key reasons why we believe that using Mojo with our property management systems creates the all round best software for property managers:

1. You Only See the Apps You Need

A standard fully-featured property management system presents an incredibly high volume of fields, tools and processes, designed to suit every type of user. Versatile this may be, but it also makes things bafflingly complicated. In contrast, our property management software, with its cloud-based Mojo apps, only present the tools you actually need, when you need them. The right app, for the right person, at the right time immediately reduces confusion and the possibility of human error. As a result, Mojo speeds up how property management tasks flow throughout your whole organisation.

2. You Demolish Dodgy Data

Accurate data is completely central to property management, and many Mojo apps are designed to optimise the input of accurate data into your system. Rather than data being passed through multiple individuals and communication channels before it is input into the database – or worse, input into the database when inaccurate – Mojo allows the people closest to the data to input it themselves. With a sophisticated approval system, the ability to streamline and simplify forms and fields, live lookups, audit trails, and the ability to attach supporting evidence, no tool in property management is better placed to ensure clean and accurate data.

3. You Allow Stakeholders to Self-Serve

Personalised Mojo dashboards give suppliers, tenants, clients, and investors the ability to complete key actions themselves. They can make their own enquiries, monitor performance and upload their own documents such as invoices. The self service dashboards that Mojo provides reduce the burden on your own staff and gives a sense of control to your stakeholders. This dashboard can be customised to match your own company branding too.

4. You Have Interactive Reports & Enquiries in Real Time

Every individual in property management has a unique set of requirements, and personalised Mojo dashboards accommodate this by giving people access to all the information that is central to their role. Presented effortlessly and attractively, dashboards can be personalised, configured and saved, with a wide range of ‘widgets’ and filters available.

5. Your Business Processes Just Work

Each Mojo app is optimised to deal with a particular business process. Optmisation means that each process has been thought about and simplified until it is intuitive to use; so much so, that little if any training is required. These processes pass effortlessly from one individual to another, so as each component of a task is completed, the next person in the chain is notified to carry out the subsequent task. All this takes place on any internet connected device, with notifications and a list of all the activities that need action or that have been assigned to you.

Combined with the ability to store audit trails automatically (to show not only when a change was made, but also why), Mojo eliminates unnecessary effort and other time consuming factors. Suddenly, everything in your property management business becomes more efficient and just works; and you’ll never be late on an SLA again.

Explore the Best Software for Property Managers Yourself

If we’ve peaked your interest, please do take the time to read more about Mojo and our property management software. We have a great selection of resources and case studies for you to explore. We’re incredibly proud of how Mojo has been received, and how it’s benefitted our clients. We fully believe that we provide the best property management software on the market.

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