28th April 2022

Latest Mojo release improves access and communications

Our latest software release is packed full of features to make access to our systems even easier for all your staff, wherever they’re working.

Whether you’re using a Mojo app or the desktop software, a single sign-on now gets you in.

Powered by the Azure Active Directory, the single sign on permits most two factor authentication approaches – or you can switch on our own, easy to use, system.

We’ve added lots of new content to Mojo, including an all-new ‘Tenant Parent’ dashboard. This will help those looking for information across multiple tenant records which all share a single parent company.

Also released is the new Mojo Notification Centre – a centralised record of all emails that have been sent to your tenants via the app.

It’s a really easy way to send messages to tenants, whether general announcements or more individual communications, and includes a powerful email template facility and Google style search.

Improved branding of Mojo apps, such as Mojo for Client & Investors and Mojo for Suppliers, now gives your apps a much more polished appearance.

You’ll find over 35 other improvements in this release, including significant technical upgrades ‘under the hood’, to keep the Mojo engine running smoothly and securely.

As always, this release is provided free of charge to all our clients, and the upgrade process couldn’t be simpler. Any customisations you may have made will be retained after the upgrade process.

This latest release (Mojo 3.25.0) is available now. Release notes and guides can be found in the customer support area of our website.