9th February 2022

Langtree: Mojo ‘a godsend’

Langtree uses Trace Solutions proeprty management systems

Langtree is a highly successful commercial property company, active in property management, development, investment, and public/private property partnerships across the UK. Its in-house property management team focuses on growing the value of the properties through proactive asset management.

Langtree owns and manages a substantial property portfolio of 140 sites, with over 600 units across the North West, Midlands and Yorkshire that totals 2.9 million sq. ft, with portfolio wide occupancy of more than 90%. The company operates nationally out of its head office in Warrington, with a property staff of over 40.

Langtree is also a long-time user – over 20 years – of Trace Solutions’ Blue Box property management and accounting solution for its lease and creditor management. Three years ago, it implemented Trace’s Mojo, the cloud-based platform for web apps which has reinvented property management by helping organisations to digitally transform. It was hoped that the new user interface would make processes more intuitive, lease management more efficient and approvals much smoother.

Lease management was previously carried out by printing off the head leases, leaving them in a tray on the approver’s desk, and then checking through each one, highlighter pen in hand. Once checked they were placed in a box.

Having moved lease processing to Mojo, leases are now entered into the software via an intuitive user interface which handles a multistage approvals process. The user enters the lease, which is first approved internally and subsequently by the client. There are two simple steps within the process and it entirely eradicates inefficient and time consuming manual processes.

Similarly, on the creditor side, Mojo now handles the input of new creditors more efficiently.

“We’ve introduced dual factor approval for new creditor details and for changing bank details so that we have a clear audit trail,” explains Tom Bellis, Langtree’s financial director.

“Mojo stores all the evidence as attachments – for bank details, for example – that show what has been agreed and approved. It’s all documented within Mojo.”

“The approval module on Mojo was a godsend during Covid remote working.”

In terms of time saved, lease agreements typically take a third less time to process, but for the team of seven accounts personnel who use the software, the approvals process is so much more efficient. It is also a huge advantage that the system is cloud-based and can therefore be accessed remotely.

“We wouldn’t have been able to set up suppliers and operate in Covid-times without Mojo,” states Tom Bellis.

“It’s a great deal more intuitive and thanks to its simplicity, it’s easier to find things within the system. On-boarding is so much simpler too.”

“And because we can provide access for clients too, it’s also helped us to win new business.”

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“The approval module on Mojo was a godsend during Covid remote working.”

Tom Bellis, financial director, Langtree