27th September 2021

New Mojo release improves data access

Mojo supports commercial property management

We continue to deliver our fantastic product roadmap with our latest release, Mojo 3.20, which is due out in October.

One highlight is the continued development of Mojo smart widget technology. Smart dashboard widgets make it easy for users to focus on the data that they or their team need, and exclude any information that is irrelevant or unnecessary, or that could confuse or clutter the task.

Following the update, Smart Widgets will be able to access enhanced arrears position data as well as any custom fields that have been set up using Screen Designer.

We’ve also enhanced Mojo for Clients & Investors.  It now allows you to communicate better with your clients or investors, by publishing additional data as required.

Mojo for Suppliers also receives an update. You can use the app to serve additional creditor information to suppliers via an easy-to-use online interface.

The scope of Mojo has also been extended with two new Mojo Tasks, checklist-based forms that facilitate the renewal or expiry of leases. Like all Mojo forms, these tasks can follow highly configurable approval processes to ensure accuracy in your processes and data.

Other new features in Mojo 3.20 include:

  • improved creditor invoice logging, to reclaim expenditure from the appropriate debtor automatically
  • improved data exports to Excel
  • the ability to maintain information about ‘Parents Tenants’ and advisors
  • more than 50 other bug fixes and improvements

Mojo 3.20 is available free of charge to all our customers, as part of your annual support plan. It’s easy to upgrade and no configuration settings are lost in the process. And if you’re using our cloud service, we take care of the whole upgrade for you.

You can find full details about the upgrade in the release notes behind our login. If you don’t have a login, ask your Account Manager to provide one.

"Mojo 3.20 is available free of charge for all our customers, as part of your annual support plan"

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