9th February 2021

Mojo 3:15: document management made easy

Our latest Mojo release adds Smart Document Management to your organisation’s paperwork processes.

You’ve always been able to attach supporting documents in TRAMPS, BlueBox and o6ix. But now you can organise and access those documents using smart widget technology from Mojo.

Now you get to decide how documents are stored and published.

For example, now you can specify which types of user get to see which types of document; or, who can upload certain types of document; or even when certain documents are removed from the view of selected external parties.

You can even create new ‘smart document widgets’ for specific business functions, and publish them to particular user groups inside or outside your organisation.

Meanwhile, powerful search capabilities make it a cinch to find absolutely anything you’re looking for.

Alongside all the new document management tools, we’ve also incorporated a raft of improvements to creditor invoice entry and approval, including the ability to auto-approve in certain circumstances. This is useful if you don’t want to force manual approval of low value invoices or credit notes.

Mojo 3:15 includes more than 40 other significant refinements and improvements, all fully detailed in the accompanying release notes – as well as over 20 minor cosmetic changes.

All this added goodness is available, free of charge, as part of your annual TRAMPS/BlueBox/O6ix support plan.

"It's never been easier to manage your organisation’s documents"

Trace Solutions