About Trace Solutions

About Trace Solutions

Defining UK property management for over 40 years

We have unparalleled experience in the property management field, as well as a profound understanding of what modern property managers need to do their job.

In recent years – and particularly since the management buyout which saw our employees owning and managing the business – we've also been the leading innovator in this sector.

We've developed sophisticated tools to automate more processes, to make better use of the data our systems contain, and to integrate more effectively with other best-of-breed applications.

As a company we've made the way we do business leaner and more efficient.

We can help you to do the same.

How we focus

Usability: we work constantly to make our software easier and more intuitive to use. This puts the immense power of our software at the disposal of both expert and non-expert users alike.

Integration: we've worked hard to open our software by adopting both OSCRE open standards and a modern web services framework. We want our clients to be able to connect our best-of-breed software with equally powerful third party tools, with a minimum of fuss. For larger clients, this represents a very real alternative to bespoke software.

Intelligent automation: as we always say, the easiest software to use is the software you hardly have to use at all. Year after year we've developed increasingly sophisticated algorithms and processes which learn and improve. It all means you can now let the system manage more tasks automatically, secure in the knowledge that nothing will be missed.

Customer service: we were founded on the principle that nothing is more important than customer service and it remains our guiding philosophy. Superb training and consultancy will get you up and running faster and with more confidence. And we're always just a phone call away.

Individuality: different professions all want different things from their software. Our individual software packages provide that versatility, without the mammoth price tag.

Jobs at Trace Solutions

The history of Trace

Trace Solutions was formed over 40 years ago. It was the first British company to computerise the intricate processes involved in property management. 

We defined many of the standards that still govern the industry today.

As leaders in the field we're often asked to guide industry-wide initiatives such as OSCRE. 

Since April 2010 Trace Solutions has been wholly-owned by its employees, a development which has reinvigorated the company's approach to all its activities.

Once again we're pushing the boundaries in property management software, while retaining our legendary belief in customer service.

"From the outset, I saw Trace not as a sales-driven company trying to maximise profits, but as a service company that would build long term relationships with its clients"
Richard Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer, Trace Group

Part of the Trace Group

Trace Solutions is a member of the Trace Group, a £26m employee-owned company specialising in software for the property, insurance and financial services sectors. Together, the Group employs around 180 people, most of them based in central London.
Trace Group is led by founder and CEO Richard Wolfe, whose belief in the necessity of exceptional customer service remains at the heart of our philosophy.

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