1st January 2023

TRAMPS property management software

TRAMPS property management software has aged well

How a venerable brand became exciting modern software

Let’s not beat about the bush. Naming our property management software “TRAMPS” in 1985 wasn’t exactly the cleverest marketing idea. Even if the acronym stood, ever so logically, for TRAce Microcomputer Property System.

But it didn’t seem to matter too much. The newly christened TRAMPS soon rose to become the UK’s leading commercial property management system.

35 years on, and despite much wailing from tortured marketing execs, the latest incarnation of TRAMPS continues to power property management across the UK. In fact, it’s used in around 80% of the agency sector’s biggest names – companies like Cushman & Wakefield, Carter Jonas, CBRE and MAPP. 

Asked why they admire the software, they point to its power and versatility. Above all, though, it’s TRAMPS’ impressive reliability in financial matters.

However, one factor rarely mentioned is ease of use – despite a uniquely powerful user interface, and numerous AI-like automation features.

TRAMPS property management software is aimed at expert users

That’s almost certainly because TRAMPS is professional software aimed at expert users. Anyone needing to interact with it on a casual basis finds it harder to navigate.

In 2020, of course, we all now expect our software to ‘just work’, and few ever bother to pick up a manual. It’s a trend that’s been powered by ceaseless iterative development in web interfaces – and it’s a trend with a name: Digital Transformation.

The digital transformation of property management is what led Trace Solutions to the Mojo project, under the leadership of Kevin Grice, our Director of Software Innovation. 

Kevin understood that professional software like TRAMPS (alongside more recent sister products BlueBox for investors and o6ix for occupiers) has to retain its power and complexity, because it supplies the core functionality and database tools that enterprise level property management demands. 

The genius of Mojo is that it opens up all this professional software – TRAMPS, BlueBox and o6ix – to the rest of us. 

All our software packages, including TRAMPS, now have Mojo built in: a fully integrated Cloud-based platform that allows you to run multiple web apps. Each app directly accesses the core of our systems. Each app is optimised to its task. And each is astonishingly easy to use. 

TRAMPS property management software now has Mojo built in

If it makes sense and improves your business workflow, any person – surveyor, supplier, tenant, senior manager or whoever – can now use a Mojo web app to interact with our property management systems securely and directly. And they do so without the possibility of introducing errors into the data.

In the three years since its launch, Mojo has been a real hit with users, revolutionising process after process with highly focused web apps. Data entry, lease management, supplier handling, client enquiries – the list of Mojo apps is long, and growing all the time.

“We like to think we’ve finally put the Mojo back into property management software” says Kevin. “Mojo is a means to optimise each important process in turn, and make enterprise level property management teams function efficiently. Co-incidentally, it was also perfectly placed to help property managers working from home during the pandemic.” 

“The only problem seems to be that we’ve given our rather embarrasing brand name yet another new lease of life”.

If you’d like to know more about TRAMPS property management software, please call us on +44 (0)20 7825 1299, email us at hello@tracesolutions.co.uk, or use the contact form below.

"Professional software like TRAMPS has to retain its power and complexity because it supplies the core functionality and database tools that enterprise level property management demands."

Kevin Grice, Director of Software Innovation, Trace Solution

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