It's time Housing Associations got rid of spreadsheets

It's time Housing Associations got rid of spreadsheets

Software for Housing Associations

BlueBox: service charge software for Housing Associations

BlueBox for Housing Associations gives you the tools to manage complex service charge arrangements, rental uplifts, statutory notifications and more – with an ease-of-use that no other software in the sector can offer. So make those baffling error prone spreadsheets a thing of the past, and get in touch now.


Benefits for housing associations

Handle complex service charge calculations

Accurate allocation and collection, even in complex mixed tenure situations

Integrate with existing IT

Adds specialist power to all housing association systems

Information at your fingertips

Instant access & reporting on all your data

Handle complex rent uplifts

Full control over indexed rental changes, with automatic notifications

Raise and send statutory notifications

All key transactions are handled automatically according to statutory requirements

Debt management

Efficiency brings in more of the money you're owed

Core functionality

Service charge management

Control of who pays what, and what you can recharge, without the complex calculations

Automate transactions

Let the computer manage all the hard stuff for you


Draw from a list of over 200 standard reports, or create your own


Handles all your property transactions then integrates seamlessly with other systems

Tools & features


Give each user customised access to the data and screens they need

Message centre

Keep up to date with property tasks while you get on with other business

Report writer

Design and customise reports with drag and drop

Cash management

Match bank receipts to invoices automatically

Data load

Import all your legacy data and ensure it's error free

Case studies

Family Mosaic simplifies service charges

“The service charge process touches every part of our business. By streamlining it, we realised that we could put the organisation on strong building blocks: freeing up time, but more importantly, allowing us to deliver a better and fairer service to our customers.”

“We’re now in control of our business. And that’s the only way we’ll continue to grow and be around in the years to come.”
Pam Moran, Head of Customer Accounts, Family Mosaic

Service charges and rental uplifts at One Housing

"We've created a real ‘state-of-the-art’ solution, taking the best of the private sector and adding new elements unique to social housing. We can now expand, without having to worry about the consistency of our underlying systems or compliance with best practice."

"Our experience with Trace has been extremely fruitful and we already see the potential to extend the use of the software still further."
Matthew Saye, Director of Housing Operations, One Housing