Collecting Rent? Why not use Direct Debit?

direct debit mandate

ARLA recently issued a news article supporting the use of direct debits for rent collection.

The article states:

“Direct Debit has, traditionally, been considered a risky payment method for rent collection. However, in February 2017, the rules for Direct Debit payments were changed, closing some loopholes which posed these risks”.

Benefits include:

  • Landlords or agents have control over the collection process
  • Automation of the whole process
  • Scalable process – the process of collection of ten rents takes the same time as to collect one hundred
  • Reduction in arrears, improved cash flow, reduced credit control time and reduced costs.

You can add powerful Direct Debit and automatic cash management tools to all our property management software packages. 

So why not move your collection process over and enjoy these obvious benefits?

Contact your Trace Account manager to find out more about how to do this, using our recently enhanced direct debit functionality.