Major Security Enhancements - Coming Soon

Posted 7th June 2019


At Trace, we’ve always taken the security of our software very seriously. 

But with the hacker threat now at record levels, we’re proud to announce a major step forward in how passwords are stored, administered and protected.

Yes: we’re putting the Mojo back into software security.

Our next release will include the latest industry-leading and fully certified security protocols and sophisticated but easy to follow rules for password creation. 

As well as enhancing security significantly, the new protocols will dramatically reduce the burden on your administrators.

And all this for no extra cost.

The new protocols will be launched in our next release of TRAMPS, BlueBox and o6ix v.5:80:10, for those users with Mojo version 3 or later.

The release is due out in July. 

Customers can view detailed information about the changes behind the login here.