8th July 2019

Strong And Memorable?

As we’ve already mentioned, our latest software release is bringing you significantly stronger security. 

Especially when it comes to passwords.

Part of that is an enhanced ability to enforce specific corporate password policies – policies designed to stop users from choosing something that’s completely hackable.

(Astonishingly, “password” and “12345” are still two of the most popular choices of passwords in the English-speaking world.)

The new rules can include: minimum length; enforced use of capitals, numbers or other special characters; forbidden re-use of old passwords; and more. Passwords can also now be effectively unlimited in length.

Which is particularly relevant when it comes to the creation of passwords that are both strong and memorable – but perhaps a little longer than normal.

Because, while our new rules for password creation are extremely versatile and should satisfy the most demanding of corporate policies, the boffins at the National Cyber Security Centre advise an altogether simpler approach.

They call it “three random words”.

Three well-chosen random words can be very memorable (so no need to write them down). But they can also be very hard to guess.

The three random word approach provides a good compromise between protection and usability.

Try it for yourself. You can, as soon as you update to the latest version of Mojo.

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