16th July 2019

We check your security every week

We automatically carry out penetration testing of our web products, every single week of the year.

What is penetration testing? It’s a way to feel more assured that your systems can beat off malicious attackers.

In these tests, we get a leading security scanning platform, built by leading penetration testing experts (who are all CREST and CHECK accredited), to try and breach some or all of our Mojo security systems. Using the tools and techniques of the attackers.

In other words we monitor all threats as they are identified, and then check that we can beat them off.

Automated penetration testing isn’t a magic bullet – sometimes it’s difficult to stay one step ahead of the attackers.

But it does mean that almost as soon as any vulnerabilities are identified, we will have already introduced the necessary counter measures.

And it does show, once again, how Mojo is taking a modern approach – in this case to the safety and security of your online systems.

Read more about penetration testing over at the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre.

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