New Mojo Ad Campaign Launches

Trace Solutions is advertising Mojo across the property press


Trace Solutions has launched an ambitious trade advertising campaign, designed to sell the benefits of Mojo, our unique new online software.

Each advertisement describes a different benefit of Mojo, from its ability to engage with the non-expert user, to its comprehensive audit trail features.

The campaign is appearing in all the most popular commercial property publications, from investor-focused magazines like Estates Gazette, Property Week and Commercial Property Monthly, to surveyor titles such as Modus and the RICS Property Journal.

Three different advertisements have so far appeared, but many more are in the pipeline.

As Director of Software Innovation Kevin Grice remarked “the great thing about Mojo is its potential to revolutionise and improve upon so many different processes in property management.”

“It means we have an almost endless series of benefits to write about!”