19th May 2016

Automation at CBRE

CBRE is a global commercial property company with a network of over 300 wholly owned offices in more than 50 countries. Efficient systems and a high level of automation are a vital part of offering their clients the right level of service that is fast to deliver and accurate.

CBRE commercial property services and Trace Solutions have been collaborating for many years to develop automation tools that take the pain and error out of the business processes.

Daniel O’Connell, Systems & Support Manager for Property & Asset Management at CBRE comments: “The property industry has lagged behind when it comes to making the best use of IT and automation. Our global network means that efficiency and innovation have to be at the heart of our business. Our clients expect it and we couldn’t afford not to automate as many processes as possible. IT now allows us to work with developers, investors and occupiers to maximise the value of their property and we use technology to put us in a different league.”

CBRE uses Trace Solutions property management software

“The administrative tasks associated with the management of a large portfolio of properties means that loading and transferring data is a major task. The data load facilities that Trace’s commercial property management software offers is, depending on the Client, a component in the pitching for new business in terms of data management. Our clients expect a degree of automation. Once you’re dealing with 30 plus properties, each containing a large number of leases, the costs of carrying out the activity manually becomes prohibitive. Now we cleanse and load large amounts of data electronically, with the ability to make changes to data that needs manipulation pre and post upload.”

“Data Load is also used on a daily basis within Accounts Payable operations. It allows us to import and process supplier invoices into TRAMPS, around 500-1000 invoices a week. 85% of supplier invoices processed on our TRAMPS databases are imported electronically using data load. It removes the risk of human-error and means we only have to key in 15 per cent of invoices that are raised as exceptions – such as cut-offs and disconnects, or non-standard invoices.”

Graham Davies of Trace Solutions adds: “For businesses looking for improved efficiencies in a slow economy, IT offers significant potential. The right property management software will help property managers and investors to focus above the level of mundane tasks and not only move the business as a whole in the right direction but improve profitability and efficiency. This will offer benefits in the short-term and stability in the longer-term.”

“Management-by-exception means you can take the day-to-day tasks out of the business that take up a lot of time and still have the ability to review and make changes where required. This level of automation is increasingly expected within the industry but a lot of companies have been slow to change and make use of the time efficiencies it allows. Those that have implemented such an approach have found that it has changed the service they can provide clients by focusing on higher level activities that offer greater value to the business.”

"The property industry has lagged behind when it comes to making best use of IT and automation"

Daniel O’Connell, Systems & Support Manager for Property & Asset Management, CBRE

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