28th March 2024

Enhanced data approval workflow launched

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest software, version 6.70.20.

Building on our January release, this introduces a significant upgrade to our Mojo-based Approval system as well as enhancing the capabilities of our new Service Charge Tool.

Plus, of course a whole bunch more.


We’re passionate about helping our customers to improve their data quality. That’s why we’re launching a new feature in our Mojo Approvals system.

Currently, when an approver has a query about some data change they are about to authorise, they tend to use an external system like email or instant messaging to check with another party before deciding whether to approve or reject.

Unfortunately, that conversation is not recorded, so it is not part of the audit trail. It also means it’s more difficult to see when items are ‘stuck’, waiting for an answer.

Our new query feature allows approvers to send questions to other users, and record the response within the Mojo Form audit trail. Users can see exactly what queries have been sent to them via their activity list – which will also contain other work that needs their attention. And of course, if they are occasional users of the system, the email notification feature will ensure that they never miss any of these queries.

This all helps to improve how effectively you meet internal and external SLAs, as well as improving decisions.


As we reported in January, within Housing Associations alone, over half a £billion was lost last year through the challenges of managing service charges.

Our products may be famous for handling this issue, but we haven’t rested on our laurels. In version 6.70.10, we released the new Mojo-based Service Charge tool, designed to make it even easier for your users to manage their S/C budgets.

The tool has had some great reviews, and has already been making a huge difference with its ability to show vast amounts of complex information very clearly.

We’ve now extended the tool with extra new features that make it even more useful and insightful. It’s now easier to make comparisons between current and previous years within the same widget.

We’ve also included a new separate column for commitments, as well as extended the out of the box customisations that can be applied.


It’s now even easier to ensure you’re making the right creditor payments. In this release we have extended the capabilities of the Automatic Payments Extract process, so it can now include the original invoice and other documents for review alongside the payment listing.


As usual, the release contains many technical upgrades & improvements, keeping the Mojo aspects of your software bang up to date with the latest security and usability improvements. This essential behind the scenes work helps keep your organisation running smoothly.

There are over 40 improvements in this release. For the full list, existing customers can read or download the release notes here.

As always, the release is provided free of charge to all our customers. Upgrade is easy, with all your customisations retained throughout the process.

Software release 6.70.20 is available now.

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"We're passionate about helping our customers to improve their data quality. That’s why we’re launching this new feature in our Mojo Approvals system."

Kevin Grice, Director of Software Innovation, Trace Solutions

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