12th June 2023

Interactive email reminders & more

New periodic email reminders link directly to tasks currently assigned to an individual.

Our latest software release, 6.60.00, is jam-packed with new features to help you improve efficiency and do better business.

Particularly useful are the new periodic email reminders, that link directly to all the tasks currently assigned to an individual.

Completely configurable, these emails can be sent weekly, daily or even twice daily – whatever fits best with your workflow. They’ll help keep work moving through your organisation, to meet your SLAs.

Dashboard & report updates

We’ve also improved the out-of-the-box configurability of our dashboard system, so you can now refine ‘listing’ widgets to display exactly what’s most important to you.

Popular ‘out of the box’ reports that receive an update in the release include the Payables Register, Payables Status and the Arrears List, all of which get extra fields and run options. There’s also a new “Related Contacts’ widget.

Screen designer app

Our standard database may already contain many thousands of fields, but we know that some special situations may demand the creation of new ones. Our Screen Designer App makes that process easy, as well as facilitating the design of data entry and enquiry screens.

In this release the App is extended to allow fields with hyperlinks to be included, which bring a new level of interactivity to Mojo forms, Mojo Form Designer and PM&A.


Automation capabilities are also extended in this release. Our Direct Debits App can now be scheduled directly from MS Windows.

And there’s more!

You’ll find over 90 further improvements in this release, including many that are ‘under the hood’ – all designed to keep the Mojo engine running smoothly and securely.

For the full list, existing customers can read or download the release notes here.

As always, this release is provided free of charge to all our clients.

Upgrade is easy, with any of your customisations are retained throughout the process.

Software release 6.60.00 is available now.

If you’re not yet a client and would like to know more about Trace property management software, please call us on +44 (0)20 7825 1299, email us at hello@tracesolutions.co.uk, or use the contact form below.

We can provide demonstrations online or in person, at your convenience.

"Configurable email reminders will help keep work moving through your organisation, to meet your SLAs"

Kevin Grice, Director of Software Engineering, Trace Solutions

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