18th May 2021

Meet our new MD, Louise Dawson

Louise Dawson, new MD of Trace Solutions

Property Management software company Trace Solutions has promoted Louise Dawson to managing director.

Louise has worked for the company since 2001 and the promotion recognises her dedication, management skills and breadth of expertise in the property management market over her 20-year career with the company.

Louise has worked in training, software quality assurance and managing the product engineering team. She was made associate director in 2016 where she took on leadership for the help desk, trainers, tech support team and product teams. There are few parts of the company that she is not closely acquainted with.

However, Louise spent ten years prior to joining Trace working with chartered surveyors as a client accountant – reporting to clients on their portfolios. There she got a grounding in hands on property management before software was able to perform the functionality it does today – dealing with all aspects of client accounting, including rent receipts and service charges.

“A lot of processes were manual back then, whereas today there’s an expectation that the software will do the job for you. It’s much harder for users to unpick a problem than it used to be.”

“The challenge for property management in 2021 is that companies want to reduce the cost of managing their portfolio. Software delivers a way to do that. And of course, the pandemic has added extra challenges in the last twelve months – there’s talk of turnover rents and the need to manage those.”

“Although we are emerging from a pandemic and life is beginning to return to some normality, there are still uncertainties in the property market that will continue – especially around people going back to office environments and how the commercial property sector will manage that.”

“A lot of people are relying on software to deal with the challenges that face the sector going forward.”

“Trace is very well placed to help them and I’m happy to be leading the charge.”

“A lot of people are relying on software to deal with the challenges the sector faces.

Trace is very well placed to help them, and I’m happy to be leading the charge.”

Louise Dawson, Managing Director, Trace Solutions