6th June 2024

New EPC data and enhanced reporting

EPC certificate

Our customers enjoy feature packed, easy-to-upgrade releases throughout the year. June is no exception with the availability of our fantastic new 6.80.0 software.


You’ve always been able to record EPC data in the system, but we’ve now improved how this is done, with a series of new, easy-to-use screens at both Property and Unit level.

Our built-in reporters have also been enhanced to make the new data available, served however you like it.


We’ve continued to extend and add to the power of our new Service Charge tool, first released at the beginning of this year. The tool is now also available at Unit level and has been extended to provide an additional level of warning – all designed to help you keep on top of your Service Charge budgets.


Unlike some other systems, Trace products allow you to handle the full accounting side of property management. It’s here you’ll find our rock solid, full double entry accounting system, specifically designed to handle the quirks of the property/asset management world.

In this release, to help you get more done, we’ve improved the navigation when entering transactions – as well as extending the scope of the built-in RICS funds testing.


We’re renowned for the quality and quantity of reporting that we include as standard within our product. However, we never stop improving, and in this release we’ve added even more options and capabilities to the Profit & Loss, VAT and Client Statement Income reports as well as improving the options that are available for users of the Debtor History widget.


We already support over 55 different formats for bank connectivity. This release sees that extended, with the addition of Barclays VAM (Bank Transfer) and Barclays File Gateway XML (Internet Banking) formats. Ask us for more details.


As usual, the release contains many technical upgrades & improvements, keeping the Mojo aspects of your software bang up to date with the latest security and usability improvements. This essential behind-the-scenes work helps keep your organisation running smoothly.

There are over 50 improvements in this release. For the full list, existing customers can read or download the release notes here.

As always, the release is provided free of charge to all our customers. Upgrade is easy, with all your customisations retained throughout the process.

Software release 6.80.00 is available now.

If you’d like to know more about Trace property management software, please call us, email us, or use the contact form below.

We can provide demonstrations online or in person, at your convenience.

"We never stop improving, and in this release we’ve added even more options and capabilities"

Kevin Grice, Director of Software Innovation, Trace Solutions

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