13th February 2018

Property Management Software gets its Mojo back – Again

If your property management software is just too complicated to handle, then you’ll want to talk to us about our latest release of Mojo.

Mojo is the unique new online web app that breaks all your business processes down into their simplest possible steps, providing apps that anyone can use.

For your organisation, it means perfect data and maximum efficiency.

Mojo already allows organisations to customise form designs. Our latest February release increases this flexibility and makes it easier to create bespoke designs for a wider range of business processes.

We’ve also added a whole bunch of new forms and features.

In fact, it’s the biggest update since we launched Mojo in July last year.

Many of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of Mojo, both for UK and International portfolios. They will be the first to take advantage of these new features, as our customers enjoy free, simple-to-deploy upgrades.

No hassle. No fuss. No redeveloping bespoke features. Just a simple online download of the latest software.

How neat is that?

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Get in touch

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