21st December 2023

Property Management Made Easy: Block Management Software

Block managers using a new block management software.

Managing blocks of properties can be quite challenging, with the large scale of tasks to juggle and demanding customers to satisfy. Being efficient becomes absolutely crucial for success. This is where block management software comes in. It can completely transform the way you work.

Understanding the Role of a Block Manager

An effective block manager leads to all stakeholders facing fewer complications. Their job is to make sure everything runs smoothly across properties. Here are just a few of the tasks they handle:

  • Checking up on sites and following up on any issues
  • Managing service charges for buildings
  • Making sure health and safety regulations are met
  • Dealing with property insurance matters
  • Managing contractors and ongoing maintenance tasks like cleaning, window repairs, and gardening
  • Understanding all the ins and outs of leases
  • Staying on top of changes in legislation and important case law

Challenges Faced by Block Managers

With all of these roles, in addition to the large scale that comes with block management, these property managers can easily find themselves with difficult workloads. They must keep up with ever-increasing demands from customers while also dealing with tighter regulations. The pressure to provide top-notch customer service while staying compliant is also higher than ever before.

Luckily, where there is challenge, there is opportunity. The demand for new homes is constantly rising, which means there’s room for successful block management businesses to expand. Of course, the next consideration then becomes the difficulty of scaling whilst managing this workload. That’s where the use of block management software steps in.

Why Use Block Management Software?

Block management software (or property management software) is a game-changer when it comes to productivity. It will optimise processes and save you valuable time. From automating tasks to improving your reporting process, it provides you the space to focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Block Management Software

So, what benefits can you expect from block management software?

  •  Streamlining inefficient processes: Block management software helps streamline manual tasks, such as handling invoices, saving valuable time for managers and staff.
  • Keeping costs down: The software enables scalability without the need to hire additional staff for routine data management and accounting tasks. This cost-effective solution allows property managers to focus resources where they’re needed most.
  • Transaction management: Property management systems efficiently handle charge raising, rent demands, direct debits, and bank reconciliation, among other routine property management transactions. Utilising intelligent automation and management by exception ensures accuracy and minimises errors.
  • Accountability: By centralising information and records in one place, block management software enhances accountability. It becomes easier to resolve complicated issues when all communication records and important documents, such as tenancy or lease agreements, are stored in a single system.
  • Flexible reporting: Some software offers flexible reporting options. Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed, with powerful filters and saved criteria for ease of use.

Use Block Management Software that Works For You

Whether you’re entering a growth phase with a rising need for block management software, or you are considering alternatives to your current software, Trace Solutions can help. Our property management software can be configured to your needs, and start making your block management easier and financially efficient.

Our Block Management Software in Action

Countrywide, one of the UK’s leading managing agents, utilises TRAMPS – our residential block management software. By using our software they have streamlined their operations and seen increased growth levels. They implemented various automation features, such as automating tenant receipts, and have experienced significant efficiency gains such as:

  • A reduction in working hours and greater accuracy
  • Improved service delivery
  • Enabling them to work at a higher capacity without increasing headcount

The software’s user-friendliness and ongoing automation enhancements have garnered praise from the team, with one manager describing it as “absolutely brilliant for our business”.

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