9th March 2016

Trace Director joins OSCRE Board

Graham Davies, Trace Solutions’ Business Development Director has been elected to OSCRE’s Board of Directors.

OSCRE is the member-based organisation that defines international open standards in electronic property data.

Mr Davies has always been a strong advocate of interoperability between different specialist property systems, and sees OSCRE as an important enabler of data sharing within a single company and across companies.

“I welcome the perspectives and tremendous experience our new board members bring to our organisation.”
– Brad Sill, OSCRE Chairman

At Trace Solutions, Mr Davies has worked hard to make interoperability a key part of software development, and as a result our best of breed approach allows Trace packages to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing IT systems.

Find out more about why we support open standards in electronic property data, here.

Or read more about our best of breed approach.

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"Projects often need data held in property management systems. With Trace now leading the charge towards more open systems, we're finding these projects significantly easier and quicker to execute, and fundamentally more reliable."

Bob Marsh, Director, Remaaps

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