3rd November 2017

Trace hosts EOA board

The Trace Group Headquarters

Trace was the first company in Stock Exchange history to go from being a PLC to employee-owned. That’s one reason we are so passionate about the concept of employee ownership and how that translates into better services and solutions for our customers.

Trace supports and is an active member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), which represents organisations which are employee-owned or transitioning to employee ownership across the UK. The EOA is a not-for-profit and politically independent organisation that works in close partnership with its members to champion, promote and provide insight into the business case for employee ownership. Members benefit from unique learning, networking and trading opportunities across the network of diverse companies of all sizes and sectors.

The EOA is uniquely influential, on behalf of members, with policy makers, the media, Government and a range of other audiences. Their independent campaigning has won them the support of all three main political parties and they have played a key role over the years in shaping the tax and legal environment for employee owned businesses. Most recently, their successful campaigning has led to the announcement from HM Treasury of £75m in tax relief to support the growth of employee-owned companies.

The association is chaired by Simon Fowler, who is also Director of Communications at the John Lewis Partnership. With a strong board that includes Hugh Facey MBE, Deb Oxley, Jo Pritchard MBE and Sir Charlie Mayfield, the Association is well placed to promote the benefits of employee ownership and assist those who wish to make the transition.

Trace hosted the EOA board meeting in October, where our founder Richard Wolfe inspired the Association’s board with our story and our passion.

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