20th March 2020

Can we help you?

In these troubled times almost all companies are having to develop new ways of remote working. 

Many of you will be experimenting with these technologies for the first time, and under less than ideal circumstances.

So, with immediate effect, we’re making resource available free of charge to help you set up and use existing remote working tools in your property management system.

If you’d like to arrange one of these free online support sessions, contact your account manager.

We’ll set up a session via any one of the many video conferencing applications that are suddenly proving so invaluable.

Call us. We’re ready and waiting to help.

Three ways in which Mojo helps remote workers

Mojo is specifically designed for remote working. If you already have it installed, we’ll help you get the most out of it:

1. Mojo is designed to encourage ‘self-service’

Getting information out of your property management system is a task often delegated to the accounts department. That won’t be so easy now.

In fact, a Mojo user can get hold of all the information they need, without needing to bother anyone else on the team. They simply need to set up Mojo enquiry widgets and a personalised Mojo dashboard.

We’ll show you how.

2. Mojo is fully configurable for different jobs roles

Do you have surveyors stuck at home? With Mojo you can give them simple customised forms to help them complete specific jobs such as rent reviews, lease assignments, and more. This could be the ideal opportunity to get them to check and update data on tenants and properties.

We’ll help you configure those forms.

3. Mojo eases business processes between remote employees

Mojo allows online forms to be passed automatically from person to person, allowing each user to view or enrich the data the forms contain. They can also add comments and attach documentary evidence.

In this way, Mojo rapidly improves the quality of your data. Even without the full approval module installed, information is stored as draft and only submitted to the central database when it’s been fully checked.

We’ll show you how to set up these processes.

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