12th July 2017

Trace Solutions launches Mojo

Mojo: a revolutionary new online interface for property management software

London, UK – In front of an invited audience of 300 clients and other special guests, Trace Solutions today launched Mojo, the world’s first ‘dispersed’ software.

Mojo is a unique step forward in property management software, although it solves a problem common to all professional software: the inevitable growth of complexity.

Mojo puts simple personalised web apps in front of individual users at the precise moment they need to interact with the system: a surveyor, for example, looking to put a lease in breach; or a client, asked to supply some information.

The personalised web apps are completely intuitive to use, and – with multiple levels of approval before data enters the live database – they ensure super accurate data and complete conformity with business processes.

Unlike other web-based property management solutions, which have simply replicated the complexity of desktop systems in the Cloud, Mojo is the result of a multi-year effort to reinvent the way property management is carried out, from top to bottom.

Mojo is available now, to all existing users of Trace Solutions packages, in a single free online update.

Innovation Director Kevin Grice, who led the software team, said: “Trace systems can manage over 15,000 individual fields of data at any one time, but no individual ever needs to access them all. Mojo allows individual users to interact only with the fields and processes they’re authorised to. It thus strips away all the potential for error and confusion.”

Managing Director Graham Davies said “Mojo has been three years in the making and we’re proud once again to be leading innovation in the property management sector. By putting the power and reliability of Trace software into the hands of everyone who might ever need to use it, we’re putting the mojo back into property management.”

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"Mojo has been three years in the making and we’re proud once again to be leading innovation in the property management sector"

Graham Davies, Managing Director, Trace Solutions

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