8th February 2022

Trace staff join LandAid SleepOut

LandAid Sleepout

Six staff members from Trace Solutions will be sleeping rough overnight on March 10th 2022, to raise money for LandAid.

LandAid is the property industry charity that aims to end youth homelessness, providing life changing services for young people who are homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future.

Trace Solutions has recently become a LandAid Tech Partner, which means we will be providing skilled technical volunteer work pro bono, as well as raising funds and awareness.

Many Trace clients are also Strategic or Foundation Partners of the charity, including Carter Jonas, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, Derwent London and Ashdown Phillips.

This year’s LandAid SleepOut aims to raise at least £500,000 through sponsorship of those choosing to spend a night in the open. Of course, the event also gives participants a very real and personal understanding of what it means to be homeless.

But for those six people it’s just one night – and then they get to go home for a hot breakfast and a shower. In the UK there are an estimated 121,000 homeless people under the age of 24, who simply don’t have that option.

Please do visit the link below and help us raise a really serious amount of money for a really serious and important cause.

You can sponsor Team Trace Solutions here at the LandAid website, or sign up to participate in the event yourself.

"Covid has had an immense effect on us all, but it's been felt most acutely by young people. Reports suggest that they're facing not just a homelessness crisis, but a mental health crisis too"

Kevin Grice, Trace Solutions