21st July 2021

Trace wins plaudits at Housing 2021

Trace Solutions have just completed a successful three days exhibiting at Housing 2021, Europe’s largest housing event.

The show, organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing, is a favourite with Housing Association managers. Many were particularly enthusiastic about Trace’s offering in this sector.

The stand headline was “Get rid of service charge spreadsheets”, which one association’s Operations Director described as the most compelling message she had seen at the show.

Trace Solutions’ BlueBox for Housing Associations provides the tools to manage the most complex of service charge arrangements, to ensure that everything that can be recharged, is recharged.

It also automates rental uplifts, statutory notifications and more.

Most housing associations use spreadsheets to handle tasks like these, which is complicated for the manager and has the potential to introduce significant and costly errors.

Trace’s unique approach to this problem, which leverages their long experience in other sectors, is proving to be a popular solution and has already been installed in housing associations such as One Housing, Thirteen Group, and Peabody.

Indeed, at the same event, Rob Thompson and Emma Parker of Thirteen Group gave a well attended talk about their successful experience of implementing BlueBox software.

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