Automation helps Countrywide to grow

Countrywide is one of the UK’s largest and most successful managing agents. Despite a stagnant property market, they’re determined to maintain their leadership and keep growing. 

Countrywide runs its business using the TRAMPS, the residential block management system from Trace Solutions. 

Over the past few months, Countrywide has been systematically implementing many of the automation features now built into the software as standard. Thanks to the many efficiencies they’ve achieved with this increased automation, growth is now very much on the agenda.

Automating tenant receipts

This was the first area to be addressed, and the company has already made some spectacular gains.

“Because we have such a large volume of transactions, we had quite a large team simply posting receipts all day and trying to allocate monies”, says Financial Controller Nicola Dennis.

“TRAMPS now automatically makes most of those matches for us, with match rates consistently over 90 per cent. In July alone we had over 3,500 receipts and a match rate of 98 per cent. We now have to manually match only a tiny percentage of payments.“

reduction in man hours... greater accuracy

A better service

“It allows us to provide a better service, delivered more quickly, with more accurate reporting”, says Operations Director John Latus. “It gives us a platform to handle far greater volumes of business without increasing headcount - and, of course, it removes the possibility of human error.”

“It is all very automated now” continues Nicola. “It’s just a press of the button and the system goes away and matches off all the receipts”

“The new TRAMPS is a much, much better system – so much easier to use – and I’m looking forward to implementing other automation features like purchase order management, direct debits and facilities management.”

But perhaps the last word should go to Richard Wood, Accounts Processing Manager.

I think it’s just been absolutely brilliant for our business


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