Property management for residential block managers

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Give your business the capacity to grow, with rock solid processing and more automated transactions

Property management for residential block managers



Give your business extra capacity to grow, with rock solid processing and more automated transactions.
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TRAMPS for Block Managers is an integrated property management and accounts package designed specifically for residential managers. 

Based on award-winning property management software used by almost all the UK’s major managing agents, TRAMPS will help you handle more transactions, faster and with greater confidence than ever before.

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Store the data you need to store.
Manage the tasks you need to manage.
Automate more than ever before.

TRAMPS gives you the confidence to grow larger, faster.

It removes much of the day-to-day complexity of property management, automating many of the processes with a sophisticated ‘management by exception’ approach to eradicate the possibility of error. 

Sophisticated algorithms bring problem debtors to your attention before they actually become a problem.

And automatic cash management can handle volume transactions with ease – often achieving over 90% match rates.


Rock solid performance

Ultimately, TRAMPS provides a rock solid core to your business.

The accuracy with which it handles service charges – both allocation and collection, even in complex mixed commercial and residential estates – is legendary.

And all the data it stores – whether financial or lease-based – is collated and sorted to provide you with the transparency you need.

In real time, on any device, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The only property management software with added Mojo

Our unique new online interface, Mojo, makes BlueBox incredibly easy to use.

From data entry to reporting, Mojo is revolutionising property management one process at a time.

Watch the short video below to see what one of our clients, Claire Hutchcraft from Rapleys, thinks of Mojo.


Your business processes, your workflows

The TRAMPS user interface is unique in the property sector.

It brings structure and order to what can otherwise be a very complicated business.

Each user can configure personalised workspaces that contain just the data they need.

And customisable consoles help staff to follow clear, pre-defined processes.


Communicate with your tenants

An optional online portal – branded with your own identity, if you wish – simplifies communication with residents and eases maintenance and management issues.

For example, if a tenant raises an issue, you can discuss it with them and if necessary send works order direct to the contractor. The resident can then monitor the progress of the job from start to finish.

All financial data is drawn directly from the central TRAMPS core, secured by the very latest technologies.


All the property management tools you need

Full statutory accounts production purpose-built for property management. 

Automatic cash management
Handle volume transactions with ease, with >90% automatic receipt matching

Instant visibility of all property data
Put all your property and financial data at your fingertips with the most modern interface in the business

Automate tenant outputs
Create personalised tenant outputs and export to print services

Diary management
Store all key event data and never miss a date

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Manage the consultation process in one place

Resident portal
Keep in touch with residents over maintenance and management issues. Manage small works

Remove VAT complexity
Manage mixed residential and commercial estates with ease

Service charge management
Ensure all costs are correctly attributed and maximise their recovery from tenants

Reporting & KPIs
Over 200 standard reports, dashboards, KPIs & full customisation

Case studies

Ian Hollins, Director, Clear Building Management 

“Residents have called it a breath of fresh air. They trust the financial information they receive, and they love the ability to report and manage issues online when it suits them.”

“On the accounting side, building directors also love it, because of the reporting. A report only has to be set up once, then scheduled. Information is at their fingertips whenever they need it.”

Nicola Dennis, Financial Controller, Countrywide

‟We have such a large volume of transactions but TRAMPS automatically matches most of them – match rates are consistently over 90 per cent.” 

‟Last month we had over 3,500 receipts and a match rate of 98 per cent. Only a tiny percentage of payments are now matched manually.”

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