31st October 2016

Clear Building Management

When Clear Building Management was set up in early 2015, its directors were intent on creating a different sort of property management company.

Rather than focusing solely on leaseholders, they wanted to centre their offering around all residents and stakeholders. They wanted “to focus on people, not just buildings – because happy customers equal happy block managers”, says Clear Building Management Director Ian Hollins.

Clear were therefore looking for property management software that combined robust accounting with great front-end transparency: a software package that would allow them to communicate easily with tenants, whilst giving building directors easy access to reliable data, whenever they need it.

Clear Building Management uses Trace Solutions property management software

Trace Solutions + Dwellant

After investigating a number of competing systems, Clear selected Trace Solutions’ TRAMPS system for block managers, integrated with the Dwellant resident portal.

The combined system gives managers, tenants and contractors an online communications tool that is directly linked to the property management system and accounts.

The combined system offers improved information sharing, more efficient appointment of contractors, and speedier resolution of issues related to the building – alongside efficient service charge management, contractor payments and direct debits.

“The need to focus on people, transparency and communication brought Dwellant into the frame initially, but what won us over was that it integrated with TRAMPS, with its cash management and direct debit options, and its depth of functionality” says Ian.

How have Clear Building Management’s customers reacted?

“Residents have called it a breath of fresh air. They trust the financial information they receive, and they love the ability to report and manage issues online when it suits them.”

On the accounting side, building directors also love it, because of the reporting. “A report only has to be set up once, then scheduled. And information is at their fingertips whenever they need it.”

Clear Building Management’s view of the software

Co-director, Peter McCabe, says: “The Cash Management system has saved us an awful lot of time. Posting tenant receipts, which used to take us half a day, now takes us just an hour.”

Ian Hollins agrees: “The system also gives us a very flexible way to embed our business processes. Using TRAMPS consoles, we have been able to put these processes in place while the company was small – and these processes will remain in place as we grow.”

“The people at Trace have also been exceptional. It is clear that they are a relationships-based company, which is a very good match for how we work at Clear Building Management. ”


In September 2016, Clear Building Management became the first and only private block managers to receive the prestigious Customer Services Excellence award from the Cabinet Office.

“We are always focused on the quality and transparency of our property management services, and being recognised for that with the Customer Service Excellence accolade is an achievement the whole team can be proud of.”  Co-director, Peter McCabe.

Clear Building Management was launched in 2015 by experienced property management professionals, Ian Hollins and Peter McCabe and from its base on Oxford Street in Central Manchester, the team manages blocks across the North West, Yorkshire and East and West Midlands.

Clear Building Management was founded on the principles of transparency, value and quality to deliver professional residential development management in a better, more inclusive way ensuring customers and their needs are at the heart of its operations.

See more at www.clearbuildingmanagement.com

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"Residents have called it a breath of fresh air. They trust the financial information they receive, and they love the ability to report and manage issues online"

Ian Hollins, Director, Clear Building Management

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