7th September 2016

Residents portal for block managers

Insights from Trace Solutions

Unlike other property managers, those in charge of residential buildings face a uniquely complex problem. 

They have to deal with residents.

And those residents are a hard bunch to satisfy. They expect you to know everything about every issue, and address each individual case as though it were the most urgent on your to-do list.

Want to keep them happy? Turn to Trace.

Online communication tools for block management

Trace Solutions block management software is now integrated with Dwellant’s tenant communication system.

Trace+Dwellant gives residential property managers, tenants and contractors an online communications tool that is directly linked to the property management system and accounts.

This means improved information sharing, more efficient appointing of contractors, and speedier resolution of issues related to the building.

The combined system offers a complete end-to-end solution, including the management of service charges, rental payments and direct debits.

It can even be extended to cover the online marketing of vacant properties, the signing of leases, and the setting up of payments and direct debits.

In areas like maintenance, it facilitates the reporting of problems, the selection and appointment of contractors, and payments to the contractor after completion.

During all of these actions, information automatically passes back and forth to the property management and accounts system, balancing and reconciling as necessary.

To find out more about the software, visit our block management page.

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