19th May 2016

PNF: Setting up a new Managing Agent

TRAMPS commercial property management software is the de facto industry standard for UK Managing Agents. If you can reassure a client that TRAMPS will be used to look after their portfolio, you gain an instant marketing advantage

That’s what Peter Fowles discovered when he set up his new Managing Agent business, PNF Chartered Surveyors, late last year. As he now says, “I needed my clients to have confidence in my business and the mere fact of using TRAMPS gave me that.”

But there’s far more to TRAMPS than just a well-known name. It can help you win business in other ways, too; for example through the quality of its reporting. TRAMPS will help you give clients the information they need, how they want it, faster and more accurately than any other system.

Says Peter “I hadn’t used TRAMPS for at least ten years. But when I saw the new version it had changed out of all recognition. It’s so much easier to use these days. It used to be largely an accountancy tool, but I’m a surveyor and and I now use the surveyor sections all the time. It’s really useful, really powerful.”

TRAMPS is often regarded as a product only for the largest managing agents. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Peter looked at many different property management software packages before opting for TRAMPS.

“It’s not the cheapest system, but Trace managed to sort me out a deal that made it affordable. I look on TRAMPS as the product that will carry me through the rest of my Property Management career.”

“The training is very good too – it’s showing me all the things I can do with the system. There are infinite possibilities I can use this for! I get buoyed up after every session – the system seems so understandable, so useable – so we use it! But at the same time it’s really comprehensive. There’s a massive amount it can do – far more than other systems.”

“With a start up business you don’t want to worry about your systems, you want to have peace of mind that you’ve got the best. But TRAMPS is so much more. It sends a message to my clients about the professionalism and competence of my business – and it gives me the confidence to grow.”

"When I saw the new version of TRAMPS it had changed out of all recognition"

Peter Fowles, MD, PNF Chartered Surveyors

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