2nd January 2024

Trace in 60 seconds

Take a minute to watch our new video. It aims to show why Trace software is such a good fit for those who manage large or complicated property portfolios, and those with big teams to co-ordinate.

Instead of the tedious ‘explainer videos’ which are so common in our industry today, we’ve opted for a more surreal approach in our animation – and thank you, Terry Gilliam, for the inspiration.

“In recent years, all our software has come with added Mojo, an exciting and much more innovative approach to property management software than any of our competitors”, says Louise Dawson, Trace’s MD.

“In large organisations, there are usually lots of staff who would benefit from direct access to the software, and that’s what Mojo gives them – helping them to do their jobs faster, do them better, with minimal training, and without the possibility of damaging the famous Trace reliability in core processes.”

“What we are doing with software development is unique and very special”, she continues. 

“It’s important that our marketing materials reflect that incredible difference”.

“What we are doing with software development is unique and very special”

Louise Dawson, MD, Trace Solutions